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Tel-Tru Smoke Puffer

Puffs of persistent white tracer smoke  on demand.   Great for checking low-velocity air flow patterns.

.                           Pack of 10 bottles:    $92.95 

15120   Tel-Tru Smoke Puffer, 10-pack  Qty:

15-120 Tel-Tru Smoke Puffers from MeterMall

Visualize air-flow motion
Measure low air velocity
Sorry, this product cannot ship by air. Detect leaks
UPS Ground delivery only to US and Canadian customers. Balance air handling systems


Use all day - up to 24 hours
Tel-Tru Smoke Puffers from E Vernon Hill are perfect for tracing low-velocity air movements.  Each Smoke Puffer generates from 100 to 200 puffs of highly visible, long-lasting white smoke.  Simply point and squeeze!

Smoke Puffers consist of a disposable flexible plastic dispenser bottle containing a small, sealed glass vial of titanium tetrachloride.  To activate the Smoke Puffer, carefully step on the bottle to crush the vial inside.  The release titanium tetrachloride reacts with moisture in the air to form a dense, persistent smoke delivered with each squeeze of the bottle.  Once activated a Puffer can be used for up to 24 hours.  Smoke can be saved between uses by capping the bottle.  

Use TT Smoke Puffers for air flow studies in HVAC systems, exhaust discharge, dryers, hoods, and stacks.  Air velocity can be estimated by timing how long a puff of smoke takes to move over a measured distance.   

E Vernon Hill Tel-Tru Smoke Puffer from MeterMall

Caution:  titanium tetrachloride is corrosive. Minute traces of hydrochloric acid will be released during use.  Read and understand all safety information before use.

TT Smoke Puffer bottles measure 5.75" long (including spout) and 1.9" in diameter.  Weight is 1.1 ounces.  

Indefinite Shelf Life (With Proper Storage)


Widely used by professionals for over fifty years


Tel-Tru Smoke Puffer Product Safety Information

This information is provided as a guideline for the use and storage of TT Smoke Puffers.  It does not replace a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as defined by federal OSHA requirements.  Click here for Smoke Puffer MSDS.

PRODUCT APPLICATIONS   TT Smoke Puffers are intended for use in air movement studies.  Specific uses include estimating air speed through animal pens or crates and determining inlet air flow and general air flow patterns.  The dense white smoke produced by TT Smoke Puffers make them ideal for this application.

PRODUCT SAFETY   TT Smoke Puffers use titanium tetrachloride to produce smoke. Titanium tetrachloride is an acid and must be used with caution.  Follow all safety procedures.   

When exposed to moisture in the air, titanium tetrachloride reacts to form smoke containing small quantities of hydrochloric acid, titanium oxychloride and titanium oxides.  Be aware of any problems that small quantities of these chemicals may cause in your specific application.

STORAGE   Store products in a cool, dry place.  Any moisture that comes in contact with titanium tetrachloride will cause the formation of smoke.  Store TT Smoke Puffers in sturdy containers in a place safe from accidental crushing.  Exercise caution to prevent damage to or leakage from the products.  Store in a secure place out of reach of children.  Only those familiar with proper use and safety information should use TT Smoke Puffers. 

Do not store TT Smoke Puffers near equipment with metal or electronic parts.  Corrosive acid fumes may cause damage over time.

USAGE GUIDELINES   Use only in a well-ventilated area.  If proper ventilation can not be provided, use a NIOSH approved acid gas respirator, with dust, mist and fume filters.  Avoid inhaling smoke

Avoid contact with smoke.  If skin contact occurs, wash affected area with plenty of soap and water.  Abrasive soaps are most helpful.  Eye protection should always be worn when using this product.  If eyes are affected, flush with water and get medical attention.  Do not take internally.  In case of spill, flood area with water.

PRODUCT DISPOSAL   Rinse spent TT Smoke Puffer bottles with water before disposal to deactivate any residual acid.  Dispose of bottles and unused titanium tetrachloride in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

HYGIENE   Smoke Puffers should not be stored or used around food or food products.  Exposed food or drink should be discarded.  Wash hands and face thoroughly before eating, drinking or smoking,

FIRE   Titanium tetrachloride is not flammable or combustible.  However, if  Smoke Puffers are in danger of being exposed to flame, they should be removed to a safe area, to reduce the possibility of vial cracking or breaking due to heat. 

  UN Number:  1838
  CAS Registry Number:  7550-45-0
  Formula:  TiCl 4
  Formula Weight:  1897
  Specific Gravity:  1.726 at 68�F/68�F (20�C/20�C)
  Freezing Point:  -22�F (-30�C)
  Boiling Point:  277�F (136.4�C)
  Vapor Pressure: 12.4 mm Hg at 77�F (25�C); 7.1 mm Hg at 60�F (15�C)
  Approximate quantity per stick:   0.05 fl oz 
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